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The Igloo success story began when Victor Thomas and two associates imagined the ideal shopping experience where clients decide everything — personalised delivery and return schedules, and the possibility of trying on clothes every day of the week — from the comfort of their own homes!

How did Igloo start?

In the beginning we thought about all the men who don't like to shop. Then we quickly realised that a lot of women, even though they enjoy and follow fashion, don't have time to visit boutiques. We looked into the click & collect solution as well as e-reservations, but they weren't innovative enough and didn't solve the problem of boutiques being too far away or closing too early. So to meet women's needs we created the concept of trying on clothes at home. They choose the products they like and we take care of the rest! We explained the idea to fashion brands, and they liked the idea. Now over 50 brands participate, and we want to double that by the end of the year. Our goal is to present a well thought out selection of both recognized brands and more niche designers.

Exactly how does it work?

It's very simple. We go to the boutiques in place of the client! With the Igloo app, women choose the products they want to try on and they give us their address and the time they want us to come by. We go to the boutiques or showrooms to pick up the clothes and then we deliver them to the clients. They try them on in the peace and quiet of their own homes and then we pick up what they don't want to keep. The brand may also include accessories that go with the chosen products, which can result in add-on sales. We offer an overall service that no fashion brand would be able to develop. Igloo brings together retail and e-commerce without undermining our partner-brands' retail networks. It's a turnkey solution for brands; they have no extra work and they can sign up or cancel with Igloo with no problem.

What other developments are on the horizon?

Our customer satisfaction and loyalty rates are very high. Our service is popular, with 80 percent of clients buying articles when they can try them on at leisure in their own homes. Our next goal is to expand to men and children, including underwear and swimwear. We're also developing a luxury category with upmarket products. And finally, we're going to set up an instant messaging service to answer questions, like a salesperson in a boutique would do. In the short term, we plan to be active in all of France's major cities.

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