09.10.2015 Pierre Humblot, co-founder of Grand Shooting

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Pierre Humblot, manager of the recently created Grand Shooting company, gives us an update on the images fashion brands need, whether for print or e-commerce.

What is Grand Shooting's mission?

We give fashion brands an innovative online platform to simplify their photo shoots. We can create traditional look books, but most of our activity today is for e-commerce. We've been working with a beta version for houses like Sandro, Iro, and l'Exception.com. Our services will be available to everyone beginning October and we plan to go international in 2016.

Look books in 2015 aren't what they were ten years ago. What has changed?

Everything is different! Requirements and time constraints are more intense and at the same time budgets are smaller. Traditional look books are used less today, but requests for digital presentations are rapidly growing. For their e-commerce activities, brands want increasingly effective images that convey a collection's feeling.

How do you convey that message?

With powerful images that are perfectly adapted to their context. To do this, we bring together the right teams: the right model and the right photographer, as well as impeccable lighting and a dresser that notices the tiniest flaw. Then, we work with a very efficient process. As soon as shots are taken, the images are sent to our platform where they're annotated and corrected in real time. Making a look book becomes a 'work in progress' with the brand's digital manager approving each shot as it's taken, even if the shoot is happening on the other side of the world. Using this method, we produce up to 300 images a day.

What kind of future do you see for this form of communication?

Look books will continue to exist, especially in the luxury sector, and they'll make a difference through their creative dimension. Web media will be increasingly used by journalists and boutique clients for pre-sales and pre-collections. But we're at the dawn of a new revolution. And videos should change the situation even more, since they let us present clothing in motion and in more creative ways. Especially since videos, even short ones, are broadcast more widely than simple photos, and have the possibility of going viral that makes them so much more effective.

What are your plans for the trade show?

We're going to set up and run a photo shoot studio to give live demonstrations of all the Grand Shooting's production processes, from taking the picture to the final modifications.

Visit Grand Shooting in the Marketing & Communication zone.


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