20.10.2015 Pascal Monfort, fashion marketing forecast consultant and Sport & Style creative director (‘L’Equipe’)

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Pascal monfort consultant en marketing prospectif mode et directeur de creation de sport style l equipe

Pascal Monfort, fashion marketing forecast consultant and Sport & Style ('L'Equipe') creative director, explains the ties between sports and fashion for TRAFFIC. These connections represent a wealth of opportunities for brands, no matter what their positioning.

Sports influences have never been so conspicuous in wardrobes, which seemingly reflects a strong corresponding attraction in society. How do you explain this?

It's because, more than ever, sports are associated with a group of positive values, those of a young generation that chooses easy, comfortable clothing without any kind of restrictions. Twenty years ago we identified two styles, cool and formal. Today we see a fusion between them. And this new look says a lot about the person and their place in society. It says that the person has become free from constraints, that they make their own rules, and that they've chosen a lifestyle in phase with that philosophy. Today that lifestyle is very attractive. This cool fashion is worn by bosses in the new economy, the new world leaders. But now power is associated with freedom. All this has obviously been a plus for sports brand, but not just for them . . .

Luxury and ready-to-wear labels have also embraced the sports world. What is their objective?

The luxury sector quickly understood the importance of this opportunity, from a business stance and also in terms of image. Using sports codes shows that the house understands consumers' new desires and that it's in tune with the times. By creating chic sportswear, these brands have achieved a perfect fusion between these two worlds. And they have succeeded in winning over consumers who want to be on-trend, but with a bit more glamour ‒ they're still tennis shoes of course, but with a logo. Finally, this wave of sports influences in fashion is also because today most of these houses have artistic directors from a generation that grew up being inspired by sportswear. It's logical that ready-to-wear has absorbed the influence. Today not one brand ignores it.

How should a fashion house integrate sports into its designs, by including the trend in all of its collections, or in capsule collections?

Not only should they do it, they don't have a choice. The most successful do it with sincerity. There aren't any rules. In each situation you have to create a coherent story in synch with the house's story. And, in fact, that's relatively easy, even for brands which seem to be far removed from the sports world. By digging around in the past, you can always find a link, memory, event, etc. We have all, at some time, been affected and impacted by this world. That's a wonderful thing about sports, they are universal!

You'll be at TRAFFIC as an exhibitor. What will you present?

Success stories from luxury and ready-to-wear houses that have achieved the famous fusion between fashion and sports. We'll also share studies showing that this opportunity is solid and long term. And we'll give an overview of the current leading trends.

The Pascal Monfort consulting agency will exhibit at TRAFFIC in the Marketing & Communication Zone. Mr Monfort will lead the 'Sports and fashion, connection and opportunities?' conference on 4 November at 17:30.


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