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Nicolas poillot studio manager d etudes studio

Études Studio, founded in 2012, is a design studio that functions as a collective working between Paris and New York. Études Studio works in three areas: designing contemporary men's fashion, publishing artists' books, and providing art direction for brands, galleries, institutions, and now for TRAFFIC.

- What does the word 'TRAFFIC' inspire for you?

When we heard about the project we were attracted by the name TRAFFIC which perfectly describes the DNA of the Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin's trade show. The name expresses an exchange of ideas on a personal and professional level. It communicates the feeling of moving around within a space and suggests a crossroads for information and goods. Finally, even though it's spelled differently, the Jacques Tati film ' Trafic' came to mind.

- What did you want to communicate with the trade show's visual identity and logo?

This image is the result of a collaboration with photographer Osma Harvilhati. It represents the trade show's different concepts and values, and conveys ideas about movement and crowds. We also wanted to use graphic shapes in flat tints to reference mapping aesthetics. The logo's hyphen is an important part of its character and recalls trade shows' inherent uniting and connecting aspects. The visual is in line with the contemporary, graphic codes for a fashion-influenced context.

- What interests you the most about the TRAFFIC trade show?

We work in fashion as well as other sectors, and we know it's important to get the right advice for business development. TRAFFIC is the first European trade show we've heard about that gives visitors an opportunity to meet and establish relationships with a specialised professional community. A place where different professionals can come together seems essential; it's a space that's alive!

To see the trade show visual click HERE


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