19.11.2015 The TRAFFIC trade show report

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"A positive, optimistic environment just for fashion".

That was the prevailing mood at the end of the first edition of TRAFFIC, the trade show for fashion business services.

"TRAFFIC came to life over two days, thanks to our exhibitors' confidence and the work of all our partners. We created a space that reflected our industry, an ambiance that encouraged business, and a trade show that facilitated connections," explained Priscilla Jokhoo, trade show director.

Satisfied visitors

The event was unanimously deemed a success, as seen by the number of visitors who attended this entirely new concept ‒ a professional trade show that serves fashion brands. A final total of 1,500 visitors was a 50 percent increase of the estimated number. TRAFFIC clearly met brands' expectations, welcoming

the entire spectrum of industry businesses: from large luxury brands, to young fashion houses, to retail chains, to well established small- and medium-sized businesses. Visitors to this first edition were primarily from France (98 percent) with a strong majority from Paris.

Organised into sectors ‒ Export, Management & Finance, Supply Chain, Commerce & Retail, Marketing & Communication, Innovation, and a New Business Zone ‒ TRAFFIC covered the diversity of challenges fashion brands face, and presented a complete range of complementary exhibitor profiles.

The conferences and Country Workshops focused on the most pertinent topics, and these "events within the event" enjoyed maximum attendance over the two days.

Perfect synergy between exhibitors

The organiser initially planned on around 50 exhibitors, but in the end 80 service providers participated and contributed to the show's success. That success was evident in the exhibitors' upbeat mood at the closure of the event.

They met the new clients they had hoped to target and held pre-arranged meetings with others. A significant number of extra contacts exceeded their objectives and added to their satisfaction. For some exhibitors, the number of contacts made during the trade show was the equivalent of two months of usual

business activity. When necessary, exhibitors readily sent visitors to neighbouring stands for specific needs. This tangible synergy was much appreciated and exhibitors even discovered opportunities for doing business together.

And finally, visitors and exhibitors enjoyed not only the Carreau du Temple's human scale which facilitated new contacts and discussions, but also the perfectly suited setting designed by Etudes Studio.


5&6 april 2017 – Carreau du Temple

Press contacts :

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