22.09.2015 Julie Dussaussay, Textile Business Unit Director at Kantar Worldpanel

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Julie dussaussay directrice d unite du departement textile a kantar worldpanel

The world's leading consumer expert Kantar Worldpanel studied the brand lover (consumers who are very devoted to brands) profile for TRAFFIC. Julie Dussaussay, Textile Business Unit Director, shares some facts.

Today's clientele seems more fickle and demanding, and so less loyal to brands. Is that true ?

It is true. Clients go back and forth more than ever before. They buy on Internet and especially visit a greater number of boutiques without necessarily returning from one season to the next. According to our surveys, only 30 to 50 percent of clients go back to the same store the next year, and 22 percent a second time during the year. This change in behaviour is due to the increased amount of available fashion products but also to promotional mechanics such as private sales and clearance sales which encourage impulse buys to the detriment of brand loyalty.

Consumer behaviour has changed, but has loyalty completely disappeared?

The fashion market is very fragmented (more so than the cosmetics market, for example), but consumers still have brands, or rather families of brands that they feel connected to. If we still see a certain brand loyalty, it's more often determined by brand's style and strong positioning. But you have to recognize that today consumers have no problem with buying a quality item from their favourite brand and mixing it with other pieces from fast fashion names, or even discount stores.

Is loyalty still brands' main goal? And if so, how can they build it?

Before creating loyalty, you have to first get the client to come to the boutique and especially to buy. Today that's the real challenge, but the market is also evolving very quickly, with new collections constantly presented and new, sometimes very powerful, competitors showing up. Faced with this situation, brands must create strong buying experiences in their points of sale. They have to present collections that perfectly satisfy the desires of the moment, and also create special events with guest designers and capsule collections. And finally, communication is also a determining factor, including written or televised advertising campaigns, etc.

You produced an in-depth study which will be presented 4 November. Can you share any information beforehand?

We don't yet have the results, but our questions can already give you a clue: Do consumers still love brands as much as before? Are clients still loyal in certain sectors, for example in sports or lingerie? And especially, today how can we make them love a brand?

Meet with Kantar Worldpanel at the TRAFFIC trade show, in the Marketing & Communication zone and at their "Brand lover composite sketch" conference on Thursday 04 November, 14:30 in the Conference area.


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